2015 Honda CB300F – slightly larger motorcycles!

2015 Honda CB300F - slightly larger motorcycles!

The new 2015 model Honda CB300F here. Moto Honda comes in a great light. It is a short drive naked bike that offers fun for experienced riders and novices. With an engine of 300 classes, the new Honda motorcycle model illustrates a touch of attitude and independence, and the wide credibility. So if you’re zipping around town to watch the fun, or on the go from place to place, ergonomics and the forces of Honda CB300F spacious tire is designed so that every trip is a tour of fun.

CB300F Honda Motorcycle Features

2015 Honda CB300F - slightly larger motorcycles!

  • Light, low and narrow

Cylinder engine motor more important it becomes tight. And based on the measurement of 30.7 inches high, the engine is low and feels light as it weighs only £ 348. All these promotional one way and handling.

  • High fuel efficiency

Honda CB300F motorcycle classified at the pump in terms of fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is about 71 miles per gallon. There is also a bike capable of passengers, and of course the right of the road. It is a complete package of style, combined with pleasure.

  • 2015 Honda CB300F - slightly larger motorcycles!The power of a cylinder

Cylinders and fuel injection on one engine and counterweight and double overhead camshafts, which comes with a Honda CB300F 2015 Some real benefits. A great advantage is how the power delivery: the type and midrange torque sales for all levels of cyclists and riders.

  • Counterbalance Shaft

Honda CB300F motorcycle balance function biked a good effect. They are simply a combination of advantages of wide and narrow performance multi-cylinder engine easily.

  • 2015 Honda CB300F - slightly larger motorcycles!Disc Brakes

Honda bikes are elegantly furnished front and rear hydraulic disc braking and excellent gloss braking. You can be sure that things just to get, keep and low unsprung weight 296 mm front and hydraulic disc brakes 220 mm rear.

  • Under seat storage conditions

The storage space is very good and the driver such as gloves, sunglasses and a map directly into the fenced area, so that you lift the rear seats.

  • Separate Passenger Seat

Honda CB300F motorcycle is ready to separate the function of the passenger seat. That is not all, the bike is also standard serve passengers and an integrated handle, giving you the chance to drive with somebody -. This is another feature that CB300F confirmed versatility

  • 2015 Honda CB300F - slightly larger motorcycles!Affordable

Retail $ 3.999, Honda CB300F 2015 model really affordable, given the many innovative features that have been published on this style of motorcycle. To top it off, the engine is equipped with a 1-year transferable warranty and unlimited mileage. Honda Protection Plan and coverage.

Improve Another innovative feature of the CB300F including fully digital LCD meter (multipurpose) exhaust performance and appearance of state-of-the-art. Furthermore, the seat and the side panels have been specially configured to promote easy access to the floor.

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