Cars, computers and security

Cars, computers and securityThere are many reports in the media recently about the increasing use of computers in the car. In the US, there are disturbing reports of hackers to access computers to the current generation of vehicles and control doors or the boot (trunk) and even took the key to stop the motor. Car manufacturers are not burdened by an expert computer knowledge of the weaknesses in their systems. But the trend of more and more computers and the overall level of control of a car without a driver. This should lead to a real risk of future hackers can chaos in traffic, which represents a number of accidents, injuries and deaths.

Unmanned vehicles tested in the UK in the cities of Bristol and Milton Keynes. The concept of a city where all the computers in vehicles checked and completely free interesting accidents. Mobile phones should not be banned, and even seat belts may be exaggerated. All passengers will be free to read the newspaper, watch TV or surf the Internet. The computer in the car was the cause of the problem and suggests that it should be introduced many innovations, as it is becoming technically possible, because it is necessary, therefore no effect.

Cars, computers and securityThe car is very satisfying for all the computers they have. In third world countries, which perform tracks builders repair and maintenance of the national transport fleet is located on site. Most mechanical parts can be repaired on site, and back, but with the parts of a computer, it is impossible. With the current generation of cars, which can make the installer and severely affected computer problems must be mentioned in some major cities in a workshop. This causes delays and substantial job losses in width.

More efforts are needed to reduce road accidents. The control of the vehicle computer could safely after the speed limit in compliance with all traffic rules and the perfect all-round awareness of other road users are increased. No alcohol or drugs not to consume computers, you can not feel stressed or angry with another computer. The goal is to eliminate all human error. But interference from hackers is human error on a scale that can make a profit down the drain, and we said that no computer program can be won complete pirates. The problem is not with the computer, but with the people who use and abuse them.

A case can still be made to the purely mechanical and human driver, because he / she is educated and imbued with patience. Perhaps the moral of this story is that people raise their problems, increasing their intelligent machines, but does not solve on its own.

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