creative paint job Custom Car

As a custom car paint is a real way to express yourself and bring your unique personality for your trip. It should be noted that some interesting design that many points that have been permanently decades. So where to find the best ideas for your trip? Here are four of the most common themes used professional artists.

  • creative paint job Custom CarAnimal

Unlike tattoos, animals are waiting for an old world custom car painting. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, it is easy to be original; However, there are a number of favorites. Many men feel strong as an elephant or rhino, leopard or leopard or so strong car, and decorate their cars accordingly. Other compare your car to mythical creatures such as fire breathing dragon or phoenix from the ashes. Because fire is a major project in its own right, the dragon is very appealing option to work.

  • creative paint job Custom CarStrip

Stripes is the standard for generations, and for each unique design for the artist, custom car paint warranty like no other. Many design lines can be complicated and beautiful art. They are usually made with a pattern of slots or the enclosed stencil, but if you DETAILER gifted, they can draw freehand lines. The two-color variant is the best, with a color for the main body and a darker color for the line.

  • creative paint job Custom CarSword and Skulls

They are more of an edge to your art’d like swords, skulls and other gothic creations seen. Based on a majority of more motorcycle car painting custom painting, some fans think that as cross tattoo style will pull their vehicles. Art and skull with roses now more likely to be seen in the car when it inspired several years ago by Viking. But they are still attractive and beautiful with a dark shape.

  • creative paint job Custom CarCandy colors

Candy colored transparent color when applied on a regular base layer has radically changed, the vehicle color. They were originally created to provide a sound that is not available for a particular vehicle. Various coating methods is almost always that you create different results, so they are assured that your vehicle is guaranteed to be unique.

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