Essential Hot Weather Car Care Tips

Hot weather can be very tough on your new car. So to maintain your car when the temperature rises, please do the following:

#1 Keep Your Car Garaged or Covered

Keeping your car out of the sun for hours at a time will protect the paint and interior from sun damage. You also should put a good leather or vinyl protectant on the dashboard, seats and steering wheel to protect them from sun damage.

#2 Tint Windows If Allowed

Some states and countries restrict this, but if you can, tinting windows can block harmful UV rays.

#3 Make Sure Battery Is Ok

Heat is brutal on batteries. If your area is regularly over 100 degrees F in the summer, this can drastically shorten your battery life. So, check it every month and be sure that the battery check indicator is still reading ok. Kia of Auburn – NEW CARS recommends replacing the battery every three years.

#4 Add Coolant

You should check the coolant level in your car every time you put gas in it. Be careful if you open it when the engine is hot. It is best to let the engine cool for 60 minutes before adding coolant.

#5 Watch Tire Pressure

In the summer, your tires can read higher in the heat of the day. The best time to check tires in the hot summer months is after the sun goes down.

Careful but simple maintenance of your new car in the summer will ensure that you get plenty of worry-free miles out of it.

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