Five ways to save on auto body repair

The cave for small scratches or dents, damage to your vehicle can cost a pretty penny. Worse, there’s really no way to know how expensive it will be because the body of work varies from one place to another. That said, there are a number of steps you take, you must save some coins. Here are a few.

Five ways to save on auto body repair1. Laboratories Check Price

Although they work in repair specialists usually do the same parking collision as a service technician or mechanic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is about $ 20 an hour. However, due to the experience and the location plays an important role in the remuneration, hourly wages between $ 10 and $ 60 per hour. And because labor costs are often the largest expense in collision repair, it is your responsibility to review the work progresses. You could, as the cost of the garage for more because they employ professional experience in collision repair. And although it may be helpful for them to pay extra if you have a complicated task, if the damage is relatively small, it may be better to buy at a lower price.

Five ways to save on auto body repair2. Ask about Paintless repair

Although the grinding address, polishing, painting and large mortar often is required to be set without the costly, sometimes smaller. During the paint surface is intact, the bumps may be often pushed or pulled. And because of significant cost savings, auto insurance companies are often willing to give up the franchise as paintless repair is an option.

Five ways to save on auto body repair3. Get Some estimates

No matter how honest mechanic you can, you should always more than the estimated amount of its body. Again, several stores have different speeds, which inevitably affects Alternatively estimated slightly different rates, demand for spare parts. For this reason, it is always advisable to get at least three quotes from local shops. You can even ask a transaction that is not in the environment around them on the Internet. If the savings are significant, it may be useful.

Five ways to save on auto body repair4. Read online

As well as hotels and restaurants, people who write comments paint. Read personal accounts of former customers it is important to pay attention to their overall experience. Since the staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable? What about work? He was on time and satisfactorily at a reasonable price? If the deal looks promising because of the comments, you should plan estimates.

Five ways to save on auto body repair5. In order spare parts

In general, a car workshop has three options when it comes to spare parts. You can buy a new or used parts. Because the retail version cheap imitations often they should be avoided. To save money, but you might want to find a store that uses the components used. This tax is certainly cheaper than a new one in the junkyard or other suppliers.

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