Four Reasons To Buy A Pre owned Car

Of the 54 million vehicles sold last year in the US, they were used only less than 75%. Why is there such a difference between the new and used? Here are four reasons why people prefer used cars.

  • Four Reasons To Buy A Pre owned CarReliability

The cars of the 1960s and 70s, known as large motors, wild style and collection value. Unfortunately, they also solve a lot. Competition with Asian manufacturers added in the 1980s, increased the reliability of the vehicles sold in the United States. Today, the average age of the 254 million cars on the road in America for over 11 years. The reliability of this trend can be found in many vehicles the past 25 years. This means that consumers are able to pre-owned cars that will be able to operate reliably for many years to buy.

  • Four Reasons To Buy A Pre owned CarPrices and amortization

The average price of a new car is a little over $ 32,000. The average used car costs less than half of the $ 15,000. One reason why there is a big price difference between the two types of cars due to the sharp depreciation face of new models. On average, a new car with many dealers, she lost 10% of its value. In five years, worth about 40% of the purchase price. If older vehicles tend to slow the rate of depreciation. If you buy a model four years for half the sticker price, it will have a relatively high value for the over buying new. Therefore, buying a used car is not only cheaper, on average, but it is a smart investment because of lower depreciation can be found in the older models.

  • Four Reasons To Buy A Pre owned CarSafety

Two of the most important innovations in automotive safety over the past 30 years, air bags and ABS brakes. Initially, this function is only found in high-end luxury models. Today, both made on all cars sold in the United States are required. This implementation is extensive, car buyers a wide selection of used cars are safe.

  • Four Reasons To Buy A Pre owned CarMarket

Those who bought on the market for a new car from an authorized dealer. The beauty of buying a used car is a car that is much larger market. For an individual, a group or a broker to buy a used car. This large market gives consumers a better opportunity to compare prices. This also means that as a result of the competition, the price is negotiable.

Finally, no matter what make or model you choose for your next car, you should buy used. A used car has a lower initial price and the price is better than depreciation. Maybe a brand new model in terms of reliability and security simultaneously. The large amount of available market.

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