Four Reasons Used Cars Are Hotter Than Ever

After five consecutive years of sales growth in the US auto industry is on track for a record run. Although the new car most titles, it is in fact a second-hand market, which is more than double the turnover of 40 million cars sold over 17 million new responsibilities. This long-term trend, it is unlikely to change in the near future. In fact, there are a number of reasons to grow. Take a moment to discuss the issue.

  • Four Reasons Used Cars Are Hotter Than EverNew Car Prices Are Rising

After a year of pure car, raised their prices. According TruCars automotive information sites, the cost of new cars jumped 1.9 percent last year. To the average buyer, which means it will increase pay the extra $ 600 to the dealer. What is the cost of a used car?

While it is true that prices are also rising, they are still looking for bargains. With increasing access to the online provider, it is often easier to find a good deal on a used car in the country. By comparison, the variance of prices for new cars tend to be much smaller.

  • Four Reasons Used Cars Are Hotter Than EverLarger Supply

As the foundations of the insured property, the price of each product based on the forces of supply and demand. Since used cars are in high demand at this time, the price increases, they remain stable only if all the cars available, and what happened. Why?
Fueling the growing supply of off-lease vehicles, industry experts predict that the price of the vehicle used to rush to 4.5 percent this year. In other words, many people who rent a car run on their loans, which. Much higher than the second vehicle, the inevitable result satisfy a much lower price.

  • Four Reasons Used Cars Are Hotter Than EverChanging Demographics

According to industry projections, Generation Y should represent 40 percent of all car purchases in the next five years. As these drivers are much more likely to live for residents of the apartment, which is located in an urban area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir fathers, their need for new cars is much lower. Most are very happy to have a small amount of money to invest in the car becomes economical to use, because they live in the city.

  • Four Reasons Used Cars Are Hotter Than EverAging fleets

Today’s vehicles are designed to last longer than it was yesterday to take. Most do not have a problem to break the 100,000 mile mark. No wonder, then, that the vehicles used in the US weigh more than ever. According to a recent report, the average age of 11.4 years of vehicles in North America. Although such a life is very impressive, means that millions of Americans certainly a new unit should be in the near future. And because most buyers purchase cars with mileage, such as sales growth.

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