How to avoid truck blind spot

Most Australians are used to driving in dense mix of cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. However, this familiarity forget that from time to time many or choose to ignore the risk while driving in the truck.

How to avoid truck blind spotTruck drivers do their best to drive safely on our roads, but all riders must clearly remain the responsibility of truck blind spot and avoid many other well-known dangers of driving a truck.
In this article we give you some tips on driving safely and learn to recognize the truck blind spots.

Learn the truck blind spot

A blind spot is where the driver lost sight of the other vehicles. Trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common are blind spots. Know the location and extent of special areas or endangered blind can help you avoid disaster. Truck blind spot:

How to avoid truck blind spotJust behind the truck.

On each side of the vehicle.

Directly in front of the truck. The left lane

In addition to the left side of the vehicle door.

The golden rule is: if you can not see the face of the driver’s side mirror move quickly, so you can.

Do not lie position next to a truck

Although the law says, except when passing dungeon causing many drivers on the road decided “sit” in the middle lane. These practices are all at risk, especially when the people “sitting” next to his truck in the blind spot. When the driver change lanes for any reason, you can get a great one. Then stay left and go truck safely and securely.
If you are in any past safety
Trucks take time and space to stop twice to do than cars. That’s why you should not cut in front of the truck. Remember, there is a blind spot! It is a good idea to wait until the entire truck front before it is available in your rearview mirror.

Avoid unauthorized use

Unauthorized use is also a big no no. The driver can not see you, and you do not know what happened there must be. Pull until the exterior mirrors left and right.

How to avoid truck blind spotDo you consider yourself a wide left turn

Truck drivers are often entitled wide, swinging to the left. Ignoring indicators truck could see sandwiched between the truck and the curb. Always be careful to keep the counters clean truck and gives the truck turning space.

Other safety tips for drivers

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that the next meeting of the truck safely:

Always indicate in advance when to stop or turn, truck drivers enough time to escape.
Turn off cruise control when exceeding a truck. You want to increase the speed and minimize time spent in the truck blind spot. Of course, at high speeds, make sure it is a safe speed.
Be careful. Look in the mirror to see if the truck driver saw.
Never before a truck, cut the delay.

How to avoid truck blind spotSometimes in the region on foot or by truck, is the opposite.
Including ensuring a truck in the heavy transport industry, some of them they can ride safely. But also the task of the other driver to keep clear of blind spots, giving space to move the truck and drive safe and predictable.

RSA has an enviable reputation in the safety of truck drivers. If public transport and heavy experts, we work hard, no accidents, no harm, and, in particular, there are no workers to operate the damage.

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