how to change a flat tire

My wife, for example, never a flat tire on his life, but he does know what to do if they have already worked this unfortunate event happened to him. Most of us together to try to take care of the tires and replaced when you start to exit a low profile. That’s great, but you never know when you might meet in the sharps and flats, even if you have new tires in excellent condition or even.

It is a little faster, you know, and steps that are performed when changing a flat tire. I am sure there are many more tips than this, but this is a good universal advice for us all.

how to change a flat tire1. Remove your vehicle as much above or even on the road, if possible, for safety.

2. Locate the jack and tire keys in your vehicle. If you do not know where it is, see the documentation and see. It is often somewhere in the trunk.

3. Follow the instructions in the manual or the arm to place the jack in place above and based on the framework, while not quite lift

4. Carry your keys and get a little bit for everyone started each loose wheel nut.

5. Once they go, and Jack the vehicle forward until the tire on the ground.

6. Once on the ground, let all the nuts until they dissolve. Immediately remove the flat tire. Slide on a corner edge can pick up the thread of the screw and it is difficult to remove.

how to change a flat tire 7. The role of tires in the rear of the vehicle and enter your spare tire. Often, to reduce the appearance substituted. That’s because it happens in a moment of the band for car tires and tires repaired or replaced.

8. Take a spare wheel and align the holes with the rim with screws or holes in the center and just try to wear.

9. Hold the strap with one hand, grab a strap screw and you start having sex at the top of the hole. After that it is strong enough to withstand the edges with the remaining hand tighten the screws.

10. Remove the key and turn any ground cross-cross up the clockwise or counterclockwise.

11. Slowly lower the jack so that the tires actually evil. Give each screw favors to ensure they are all tight.

12. Do not forget the monkey wrench and knife in his pocket and threw it flat in your luggage. Like most of the parts that are temporary, it is advisable to go directly to the Central tires and have your tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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