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I live - I drive - My Jeep - Jeep BrandJeep is the ability of an all-wheel vehicle half to one and a half ton for recognition or some other service in the army. Not a word to be used Bantam vehicle, and sometimes to other motor vehicles (USA) in the Air Force, Link trainer in the army, ½ ton command vehicle, also known as “any small plane , helicopter, or gadget. “- The words of the Armed Forces by Clinton A. Sanders

I live - I drive - My Jeep - Jeep BrandJeep enthusiast This means linking them to abandon clubs around the world and make their business knowledge and trust with this brand. Who does not like a car, especially if you are a lover of exceptional travel comfort? For over 70 years, the Jeep brand, inviting people to live fully, the owners have a sense of security, can come on a journey with pride and confidence through its full range of vehicles.

  • A blast from the past

Everything begins with the need to (find military zone observation or determining the strategic function of the opponent) Quick and easy vehicle control, the move could effectively replace all types of terrain, the army vehicle American and modified Ford Model T car in July 1940. The soldiers tenders opened in a production in which she asked more than 100 manufacturers and list of vehicle specifications.

I live - I drive - My Jeep - Jeep BrandInitially, only the Willys Overland and American Bantam Car Manufacturing Company will respond. But the Ford Motor Company on the scene later. Since then, three companies compete receiving lucrative government contracts. In 49 days Bantam car company built its territory, while each company produced prototypes for testing in record time.

The three companies were given 70 as a way to prototype delivery to the Army in the summer of 1940, Willys-Overland designed the Willys Quad while Ford developed its Model GP (General Purpose), the building known as the name pygmies.

In November 1940, the military control of the vehicle exceeding the specification, but then realized the need to increase the limit for the next round of vehicles.

In March 1941, the contracts rounds fired by soldiers. Each of the three companies to produce up to 1,500 vehicles. Designed Bantam 40 BRC vehicles model, Ford has increased GP Pygmies, and Willys called his vehicles such as quads. After a series of tests, analysis and evaluation, the US military has a major manufacturer, Willys-Overland selected.

  • I live - I drive - My Jeep - Jeep BrandOrigin of name

Many statements in which the word “Jeep” yet come. Some suspect that they informally named after Eugene the Jeep, a character from the Popeye cartoon for soldiers who are so fascinated by the new vehicle. The most common theory is that the military designation of GP (for the eye of the government or general purpose), which is not clear in the word Jeep, as President of Willys-Overland Jeep notion Joe Frazer explained pronouncing should be your first vehicle model Mark GP. Willys was also the company that submitted the original application for trademark registration in February 1943.

  • I live - I drive - My Jeep - Jeep BrandJeep brand vehicles today

For tests and continuous assessment since 1940, the first civilian Jeep Cherokee Jeep vehicle, the prototype for the new model of the Jeep brand, we can finally say that the technology is well beyond the norm. Improves over 70 years, the brand Jeep million turnover and continuous formula offers the perfect balance between on-road and off-road. Jeep is a car that is very reliable with various functions, including the sophisticated design and good taste. Then there is the legendary experience luxury selection and comfort, elegant interior and exterior world, and promoting the safety, comfort and modern technology, with fuel consumption.

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