If the transfer troubleshooting

If the transfer troubleshootingIf you know it or not, one of auto parts to play the two-wheel drive four-wheel drive is a responsibility. Mounted on the transmission and the front and rear axle, transfer case allows access to power all four wheels when you need it, then return to only two wheels under normal driving conditions. Like most transmission components must submit the question an incredible amount of stress can hit as the transfer of power from the drive shaft. There is always a chance something can go wrong. These are the most common problems driving experience.

Low transmission fluid

Because beyond the gearbox, transfer box should be fluid transmission itself. In addition to moving parts of the metal cooling fluid also lubricates the gears or chains for transmitting power from the engine to the drive shaft of the front or rear axle. If the liquid is too low, the engine can easily heat, so that the parties out. In extreme cases, it may not be possible between the two discs through the layer. Although adding liquid to solve the problem, there is no wear through sufficient lubrication can not be returned.

Bad vacuum line

Parts that have completely changed the relationship between the two and four wheel drive and back is a blank line. Because it is based on the pneumatic system, the line can not the energy that is necessary to update the shift mechanism, and if there is a leak. To check for leaks, but can not hear the motor as it runs. When you hear a hissing sound, may mean that the line of flight.

If the transfer troubleshootingObsolete chain transfer

Estonia wheel drive vehicle on the basis of the motor power transmission chain in one or two axes. And a bike with gears and sprockets that can switch between courses. Because they have broad support from nearly stress and tension while driving force can stretch or break this chain. In this case, the component is no longer adapted to the gears and the gears, it is used to transmit power. In extreme cases, the problem may lead to a total failure of the transmission. More often than not, but the driver said signal problems such as blocking and offset caused delays. The only option for the replacement of the repair of the damaged or worn chain.

Transfer Damage Case

As strong and durable as they can, if the transfer was not designed to withstand the direct damage of the material. Stones and other road hazards can easily destroy weak box so that the output for the transfer fluid. When this happens, to intervene in the components and to prevent movement between the two modes. When the chain, gears and other components are not damaged, replace the case and add the liquid to resolve the issue. If the engine itself damaged, repair costs can be considerable.

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