Me And Mercedes – a personal view

Me And Mercedes - a personal viewI have friends who are very fast in your car, and the opinion on the basis of several decades in the entire auto industry. He said categorically the best brands in the world today is a Mercedes-Benz. This meets a man whose car he learned from the Stuttgart plant as the level of luxury. He said that over the years, we have one, but I still considered too expensive – beyond our capabilities.

In 2008, when we want to invest in Africa in a taxi, we ended up buying a Nissan Bluebird in Belgium for families in Gambia – because of its reliability, price and the fact that it is built in the UK. What our African friends really like is Mercedes (directly from the bag, unfortunately). This is because they are considered unbreakable, unbreakable desirable worldwide. No wonder many taxis cities around the world trust the brand.

So did last year and the beginning of the E-Class estate purchased century. The “E” or “Executive” class We have money now rust (with some movements bubbles, E240. Class has been in production since 1993, and we are second (W210, a “new look”) of four generations yet the streets around the world – round headlights, flat nose fifth generation to be with us in 2016.

Me And Mercedes - a personal viewWe love our Merc. It is the size of a small boat, but always turning radius of half decent; a very large family with a dog that is large enough, it can easily be accommodated; his “toys” (rain sensor, integrated light washer system watchdog, CD changer, etc., etc ..) to a level really “executive”; and it was a smooth and efficient driving, with the benefit of 170 hp engine, cruise control, ATMs and good fuel-efficient 2.6 V6 and the reverse (if). One of the main points of the brand’s sales and that the device – only 130,000 miles engine barely broken.

If the grandfather Merc car? Perhaps. The Honda Civic is supported by people who are older in a flat cap, allowing Merc seems empty nests with a beard, a good salary and a healthy sense of what life is: people who are “arrived”. The cars have increased the affordable luxury, simple elegance, reliability and state, are a big scary wolves sheep’s clothing. In fact, the offer includes a variety of these days, a large hall to be loved by a small family car class A dictator through the decades; 4WD version of the car at a very fast sport.

One thing is certain, the manufacturer has a long time. Mr. Benz, the first car in the world in 1886, and the first car brand Mercedes met in 1901 worldwide merger in 1926 and founded the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star brand. I realized I wanted was one of the twenty noughties, now I have – it makes me happy.

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