Need an Auto Part? Find It at a Self-Serve Salvage Yard

There’s a new trend emerging in the automotive recycle industry. Self-service salvage yards like Bessler’s U Pull and Save are popping up around the country. Since the first one opened, their numbers have increased by about 20% a year.

 The model is very different. Rather than having staff pull the parts a customer wants from a vehicle, the customer does this themselves. This increases the number of customers who can be served at one time as it is no longer dependent on the number of staff who are on at any particular time. Because a staff member does not have to be involved in searching and retrieving the part, the cost to the consumer is lower.

 Another difference is that the self-service yards cycle through more cars, selling fewer parts off f each than the traditional lots. Self-service lots can go through as many as 800 cars a month as compared with the 100 a full-service lot sees.

 Because the self-service lots go through so many cars, they make more money from the shredding process that is the final resting space for more cars meaning they also have more than one income stream.

 The bottom line is the self-service lot may the best place for a customer to go to find a part for their car, if they are willing to do the work.

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