Negotiating With Car Dealers

Negotiating With Car DealersToday if you are in the market for a new or used car, you will be faced with many choices. Millions effectively. Last year alone, over 54 million vehicles sold in the United States. Everyone has different needs vehicles for themselves or their families. Here are some facts and figures that help you make your decision more easily able to visit the next retailer of interesting cars.

  • Negotiating With Car DealersNew Versus Used

Sales of all vehicles last year, 40 million were used and 14 million new. The new media model will cost about $ 32,000 compared to $ 15,000 for individual use. New cars usually come with the latest security and performance technology to those who can afford it, answer.

Negotiating With Car DealersThey also have the warranty, which can vary from three to ten years depending on the manufacturer. On the other hand provides the slowest rates of depreciation used cars for consumers. 7% per year, instead of 15% of the average. They also have some of the same characteristics as the latest models, not just the latest and most modern technology.

Another aspect is availability. When looking for a new model at a local car dealer in stock, they can order a factory. If the used vehicle you wish can not be found, you keep looking. However, the secondary market offer more opportunities to buy, so that consumers have more bargaining power.

  • Negotiating With Car DealersSedans And Coupes Versus Trucks And SUVs

The US car market is dominated by a sedan, coupe, pickup trucks and SUVs. It is also the only market in the world, in trucks and SUVs outsell the sedan and coupe. Last year, 55% of all models sold were trucks and SUVs. Its popularity is due in large part because of its versatility and off-road. They also offer superior storage performance and capacity. Of the four offered by three vans dealers the most popular models. Moreover, the sedan and coupe offer consumers better mileage and net performance. They are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces, making them popular for urban drivers. Six of the ten most popular car is a sedan and a coupe.

Negotiating With Car DealersThe last thing to consider is safety. Sedan and Coupe are also good stability, they tend to roll. To test the trucks and SUVs are better in head-on collisions due to its weight and size. Whatever your choice, there are too many good models at your local dealer.

Finally, you have many choices, no matter how many car dealers who find your business. New and used cars, each has its own advantages and disadvantages for the buyer. The same applies to trucks and SUVs, they say, the sedan and coupe. At the end it will come down to personal preference of buyers and budgets.

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