Top 10 ways to Burn Less Fuel When Driving

Are you tired of that seems to give all your money to the oil companies?

If so, you do not need anything too radical for such a change to a smaller model can reduce the cost of fuel in your car.

Some (or very low cost) and totally free ideas that could achieve the same.

Top 10 ways to Burn Less Fuel When Driving1. Go easy on your accelerator. Great, type of speed lights (and usually does not make sense) “G-Force” or stop signs, getting nothing but tire wear and fuel consumption more than necessary. Following the example of a professional driver at the wheel of a luxury sedan that usually their eyes on the reduction of wear, vehicle and fuel – you will not see how they try to imitate Formula One cars as they get away!

 2. The device slowly. On the way, drive to offer a couple of miles / km / h with a top speed can make a significant positive contribution to reducing fuel consumption.

 3. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the pressure. This can be done in accordance with local conditions and the level of charge, but varies tires you have to use more harm inflated fuel.

 4. Keep the engine tuned. If you do not know how to do it yourself, do it for a professional garage for you. Certainly there can be connected a little trouble, but it can pay very rapid reduction in fuel costs.

Top 10 ways to Burn Less Fuel When Driving 5. Check the oil level in the engine and make sure the oil is changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The harder you work the machine needs to get something, the more fuel is required to “make that happen.

 6. Anticipate stops and slow down gently rather than abruptly stop. Rush to stop and then “hit hard peg” to the last second of the crazy number of factors – including fuel consumption.

 7. Try to drive your car at a constant speed. Faster and then slows down again rapidly to the desired level, it is not efficient. It can also mean that you are. To have complete control over your car

 8. Turn on the air conditioner if possible. These systems generally much pressure on electrical systems drive the car, and again, that will have a huge impact on your tank.

 9. plan your trip in terms of efficiency. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for people three or four times to take a job in a short period of time when the car is running. With a little planning and coordination, will be enough to travel to see

 10. Finally, an old piece of advice, however, still applies if you need to use your car! Sometimes the leg that extends over 10 minutes and not in the street when the car is good for your wallet and your health.

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