Top 5 Myths about car insurance

Top 5 Myths about car insurance

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about car insurance. Here we bust five common car insurance myths.

Myth # 1: Where do you live has no bearing on the cover

Unfortunately, this is wrong. While your life does not have to be your choice, it has an impact on your car insurance. People living in rural areas are less likely than those who pay for a stay in the city, such as the population of the city are at a higher risk of receivables, as more people and increase the risk of theft.

Top 5 Myths about car insuranceMyth 2: Older drivers have a higher level

In most cases this is not true. Things to remember when it comes to auto insurance that each driver is different. Although the course for more than 25 years, drivers are generally lower, it really depends on driving history. For example, when a driver 55 has numerous traffic violations over several years to adjust their prices rise these drivers over time, instead of reducing each year.

Top 5 Myths about car insurance

Myth # 3: Do you think that if your car is stolen destroyed damaged by hail, wind, fire or flood

Unfortunately, this is also wrong. What most people do not know is that the main concern is not complete. Therefore, if your car is stolen, destroyed or damaged by the elements, may be considered for off-pocket costs for your repair bill. However, if you plan to rent a vehicle, you may have to pay for full coverage and collision, because often the condition of the lease.

Myth # 4: Your credit will not affect your level

This is totally false. Express your credit has an impact on your car insurance, but only in respect of insurance based on the credit value you. This score is based on credit, which is essentially an outline of how you manage your financial affairs, insurance is an important aspect of risk you are. It notes that since most people have good credit is very unlikely that the possibility of insurance on the basis of the credit score negatively affects the speed.

Top 5 Myths about car insuranceMyth 5: The color of the car that makes the difference

Contrary to popular belief, the color of your car does not have an impact on the price of your car insurance. For example, many drivers think red or black cars will contribute to higher premiums, but the reality is that the car color provider at all. The insurers are more interested in other things, such as make and model, year and body style, engine size, age of the vehicle and the driver’s age and the register. As part of the handling and insurance factor their moving violation points determine their level, which should be noted.

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